The Crossover is a book that will score you enthusiasm

The Crossover book is  poem that teaches a  valuable lesson.

The Crossover book is poem that teaches a valuable lesson.

The Crossover is a book by Kwame Alexander, who wrote this book in a poem format about a twelve year old boy named Josh Bell who loves to play basketball along with his twin brother (Jordan Bell). Josh Bell, also known as Filthy McNasty, plays on the same team as his brother. Josh Bell is the main character and is the one who loves to do crossovers, a basketball move in which the ball is dribbled from one hand to the other, during his basketball games. The whole story is told in Josh Bell’s point of view.


This is a good book because it is written in a certain poem format, but with slight changes to the writing which makes this book unique in a way. This book explains the plot clearly but with a unique format that the author uses to express what the character is feeling and to get the author’s point across the reader. Not only that, but this book also shows examples that losing is not always the worst.


The Crossover shows how there are other things in life more important than being on the winning team in a basketball game, which is a lesson that is taught in this book little by little.


This book compares to another book called “The Hunger Games.” A comparison between both books is that they both have the main character who tries to be the best in their field. Josh Bell tries to win every game and be the best in his position. On the other hand, Katniss from the Hunger Games is a girl who tries to be the best in her field by improving her aiming skills with the bow and arrow that she uses. But a difference between both books is that The Crossover is about Josh Bell and the crossovers that he loves to do. But the Hunger Games is a book about survival for certain boys and girls in a national event.


Overall, I recommend this book to people who enjoy basketball and people who love to learn a valuable lesson out of a book. The Crossover is a book that I would rate a four out of five. The reason for this is because this book is written in a unique and interesting way. I also recommend this book because it has a plot related to basketball, but it also has a plot that is different from many books because it is about twin brother’s relationships and a twelve year old boy’s point of view.