On The Come Up Is definitely A thought-provoking book!


The book On The Come Up, written by Angie Thomas, is indeed one of the most intriguing books that I’ve ever read, making it one of my all time favorites. The book talks about the 16 year old main character,Brianna Jackson, also known as Bri, in which she works hard in order to achieve what she wants to be most in life, an underground hip-hop legend, just like her father, who was murdered when she was young, inspiring her to be just like him.


But when two racist security guards at Bri’s school throw her to the ground, assuming she’s a drug dealer for bringing candy, she has no choice but to stand up for herself against the unfair treatment to people of her same skin color.


Bri struggles to balance the two problems in her life that are intruding and stopping her from accomplishing her dream of being a rapper. When Bri tries to get herself together from being suspended after getting harassed by the security guards, she in the process is offered to publish her song by Supreme, the father of Miles, after winning in a rap battle against Miles in an underground local hangout called The Ring.


She gets the life time opportunity to become a rapper when suddenly her Aunt Pooh goes missing after meeting up with a gang leader in order to get Bri’s chain back, a chain that her father had given her. She not only gets worried about her aunt, but then uncovers the truth that her mom, Jay, has been taking drugs and that they are struggling financially.Even after having to deal with all of the dilemmas in her life, she still tries to get through it all, demonstrating Bri’s courage and strength.


Another reason why this book is one of my all time favorites is because the ending of it is so uplifting and has a weird switch in mood, leaving the reader wondering if there will be another book to continue the story. This makes On The Come Up so different from other books since it gives the reader a hook to read on, unlike others. Angie Thomas’s other famous book, The Hate U Give, is also very similar since the main character of the book, Starr Carter, also faces many obstacles in her way like Bri.


Additionally, they also demonstrate the same personality traits and how they both don’t give up too easily.They also originate from the same neighborhood, Garden Heights. The book’s theme also is another reason I enjoyed this engrossing book since the theme is how no matter what gets in your way, no matter all the conflict, and no matter all the people that hurt you, you will always be strong enough to overcome all the obstacles in your way thanks to the value of friendship and family.


To conclude, I would recommend this book to any readers who really enjoyed The Hate U Give or are more interested in books about conflict and never giving up because it can maybe inspire others to accomplish something marvelous.I would not recommend this to any body that disliked The Hate U Give or don’t really enjoy books that have gang topics in them.