Third Summer of the Sisterhood shows how to face fears on the path to adulthood


Ann Brashares is an American young adult novelist. She is best known as the author of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series.  In her novel “The Third Summer of the Sisterhood,” her four main characters are Tibby, Carmen, Lena, and Bridget.  This is a young adult novel and it is relatable to many young people, like those that are 15 or 16 years old. It’s also fictional, meaning it  it’s based on your own imagination. It uses third person point of view and shows how each life of every character is different. The theme of the story is facing fears on the path to adulthood, meaning that characters face challenges that they go through throughout their steps of moving forward. The author’s writing style is like she is having fun writing it, like if she has gone through something amazing like what happens in the book.

The book starts with action by sharing the dream that Tibby has with the traveling pants her grandma gave her as a gift. The book ends with questions unanswered. For example, what happened to Christina? She was going to have a baby but that’s where it ended. This book is well edited since it doesn’t repeat anything over and over and I understood it well. This book is related to other books because they show each characters’ experiences in the different countries they live in. The book is about traveling and challenges because those girls don’t know what they are going to study yet.

This book is as great as the other sisterhood books and it also reminds me how I just want to use one pair of jeans and never put them to waste.