Coco is a story about the importance of family


Coco is a story that will keep you engaged through the whole book.


The story Coco was about how music tore a family apart but their shoe making business kept them together. Coco was inspired by a Mexican holiday known as Dia de los Muertos. This book was about a twelve year old boy named Miguel, who was transported to the land of the dead in hope to find his great great grandfather and get his blessing so he can return back to the land of the living and undo his family’s ban on music.


Miguel goes through a lot of trouble to get the blessing of his so-called famous grandfather, Ernesto de la Cruz. Along the way Miguel finds a man named Hector who can help him find his grandfather as long as Miguel puts Hector’s picture on the offerings. Both Miguel and Hector go to a plaza and enter a singing contest so they can have a chance to win and finally meet Miguel’s great great grandfather. Then Miguel and Hector get in the party with disguises.


Later on Miguel finds out an important secret about Ernestro that challenges everything he has believed and sets Miguel back to the land of the living to undo his family’s ban on music.  


This book is really eye opening and really provides the reader with some life lessons. The meaning behind Coco is to do what you believe in and to respect your family and it’s beliefs. I really enjoyed reading Coco because I can relate to this book and the beliefs mentioned in the book.


Overall, The author really did a good job with trying to get his message to the reader. If I would have to rate this book on a scale of one through ten, I would definitely give it a ten because it’s really inspiring and motivational.