The unexpected positive outcomes of the coronavirus quarantine

The unexpected positive outcomes of the coronavirus quarantine

The coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic that we all are experiencing right now. With the loss of so many people, it’s not easy staying positive during these times. The best things to do now are to stay hopeful and happy. Here are a few positive outcomes of this quarantine, since positivity is what we need most during these harsh times: 

  • Artists are releasing way more music than usual. Usually artists would wait a few months before actually dropping a diss-track or even just a single. But now, it seems like boredom had taken control of their schedule. A few artists that have dropped new music have been Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, BTS, Bazzi, Keshi, Lady Gaga, and many more!


  • Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber both collaborated on a song titled “Stuck With U.” But Ariana didn’t just stop there, she also fundraised a total of $33,849 for charity.


  • BTS has also been dropping hints of a new album written and produced by them.  Meanwhile, one of the members dropped a mixtape of his own, rapping about deep topics and brushing away the hate without a care. Because of the sudden drop of the mixtape, it caused an uproar amongst the fandom, who are posting pictures left and right on both Twitter and Instagram. 

The list doesn’t stop there. Bazzi (a singer made popular by his hit single “Mine”) has also been getting a lot of attention because of his single, “Young and Alive.” Keshi, an emerging artist, released his new album bandaids at the beginning of quarantine. Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande collaborated on a song titled “Rain on Me.” And the list just goes on!

But it isn’t just artists taking this extra time to let their hearts out. Authors have been cherishing this time as well. Stephen King is in the works on a new novel, which he had to change because of the whole pandemic situation. Yes, we have reached the point where even the infamous Stephen King has to hold back on novels. What a world right? The author has been promoting his new novel If It Bleeds, which came out in April. Not only do authors have time to write, they also have time to rest their brains a bit. Or maybe even brainstorm! 

Sure we might be going crazy inside, but look on the bright side! We get to spend time with our families. You can learn a whole bunch of things that could have been passed along on your family tree or maybe just have a conversation. Times like this don’t happen very often, and who knows, it might not be long before we get to go out again. 

You may not notice it since we haven’t been outside in nearly two months, but the environment is healing! All over the world, small changes are happening everyday. There are clear waters in the Venice canals, blue skies in Delhi, and get this…animals are roaming as well. Air pollution levels dropped and are markedly lower than last year. It seems like Mother Nature is having her own quarantine time as well. 

We’ve all seen the numbers, and how fast the numbers of COVID cases increased in a matter of days. COVID is way worse than any other type of sickness you might’ve experienced. Especially if you have a health condition that could cost you. So it is important to stay inside and social distance. Even if stores are reopening, we still have to stay safe and cautious. 

Not everything about this pandemic is bad. We shouldn’t lose hope. We’re already starting to slowly go back to our normal ways. Let’s just hope that we will soon have a vaccine and soon be able to hug our friends and family once again. 

Let’s just hope Dwight Schrute wasn’t the one who started this.