“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”



This is a picture of the three friends go through the events that happen on the movie.They are Harry’s best friends and stick with him at all times.They together find out that sirius black is Harry’s godfather.

Here is where Harry potter meets his godfather. At this time he thinks he is a bad guy so he is pointing his wand at him.

In the movie “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” Harry lives with his muggle (non-magic) aunt, uncle and cousin. He runs away after blowing up his other aunt that came over for dinner and was on his way to Hogwarts for his third year. While running away he finds out that someone named Sirius escaped Azkaban and that he is trying to get to Harry. After a lot of events Harry finds out that Peter Pettigrew was the reason his parents are dead. He also finds out that Sirius is his godfather. Sirius, however, has to leave Harry until they clear his name and is no longer a prisoner.

My overall opinion about this movie is that because it shows friendship, family and adventures it is a nice movie to watch. There are many things that it surprised me, like when I found out the bad person was actually a good person. My second reason is that it made me happy to know that Harry had family after all. Harry was also happy to learn he had a family member after his parents died. My last reason is that there were many dangerous things that happen but Harry’s friends were always on his side with support. I would definitely watch this movie again just to see the adventures Harry, Ron, and Hermione take.


I totally recommend this movie to people that like fantasy genres. I also recommend this movie to the people that have read the books because there are some differences. The movies and the books all have a different view on the story but in the end they would have a similar result. One example of this would be both in the book and movie Harry changes his mindset on Sirius and thinks of Sirius as a good person instead of the bad prisoner people seem to think. He does everything he could to help his godfather escape safely. A difference between the book and movie is that in the book when Professor Snape calls Hermione an “Insufferable no-it all” Ron defends her. In the movie however he agrees with him.