Teenage love in high school

Hatsu*Haru is a cute romance that girls would love 


Riko Takanashi is a tomboyish girl who hates boys. She is super protective of her three friends, Kagura Tatsunami, Kiyo Ooshima and Ayumi Shimura and she loves them. When she is helping a girl she sees Kai Ichinose. Kia Ichinose is a boy who is popular. He is a playboy. That basically means all the girls like him and he dates them. 

After that he is looking for her and sees her with her friends being a different girl, all nice and lovely. That’s when he falls in love with her, the first girl he likes for real. His friends Tarou Tormaru, Miki Kiritani and Takaya Misaki notice something different about him. They have been friends since middle school, and they have known each other their whole lives. Riko Takanahi’s friend Ayumi Shimura knows that Kai Ichinose is in love with her. Kai Ichinose gets worried about her because she is at the wedding so he goes to find her. Then he kisses her and she slaps him.

The next day he tells her he loves her and she said she feels the same way. They start dating and everyone in school knows. He helps Riko Takanashi but something goes wrong with their relationship and Kiyo Ooshima and Miki Kiritani relationship’s also goes wrong but at the very end they all fix their problems and everything is back to normal. 

I recommend this book to teenage girls who love romance books and also to girls that like the anime maid sama cause it kind of has the same plot but still very different, like showing how they fall in love with each other, how everything plays out and how their relationship continues to grow stronger. Another thing is this book is very addicting to read, like time will pass very fast when reading this book.