Opinions on going to high school

Walking up the steps to Animo Ralph Bunche ... making the transition to high school.


Walking up the steps to Animo Ralph Bunche … making the transition to high school.

Most Animo Jefferson students are going upstairs to Animo Ralph Bunche, though some may go to Santee High School or Animo Jackie Robinson. But wherever you may go I know we are all going to feel a little nervous or anxious, and even possibly a little excited about going to high school. 

Micheal Miranda, speaking about his feelings on moving on to high school, said, “ I feel nervous and anxious but a little excited to meet new people.”    

Other people will go to a high school that no one is going to, and if I were them I would be really nervous and scared because there is not going to be anyone you know there. But at least you would meet new people. Emma Barajas, who is planning to attend Long Beach Woodrow Wilson High School said, “I’m feeling very nervous because it’s in another area and I don’t know anyone there so.. yeah.”

High school is going to be a whole new experience for students. It’s a new school and it’s almost going to feel like the first time in six grade, which was scary because it was a new school with new people that you had never met before…but look at us now! We are about to culminate and going to start a new beginning!

Speaking about new beginnings, Libne Moran said, “…high school is a new beginning for us after middle school, you know.”

Honestly I’m kind of scared and nervous but a little excited to go to high school. One reason I’m scared is because I think there’s going to be harder work and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to fail. One reason I’m excited is that I get to meet new people and make new friends. I think after that I’ll get used to the new things of high school and how high school works. But I know we’ll get through it and soon enough we are going to graduate. Hopefully…