Animal abuse


The most abused dog breed.

Animal abuse is a big problem. Men under 30 are most likely to abuse animals, while those involved in animal hoarding are more likely to be women over 60. The most commonly abused dog breed in the world is the pit bull. Pit bulls are considered the strongest fighting dogs because of their desire to please their owners.

According to the source Pets Are Affected by Drugs and Alcohol, Too, “Addiction is a selfish disease. It is also a family disease. For most people, pets are family, too, and addiction affects them also. Pets are particularly sensitive to their master’s feelings and are quick to take note when something’s wrong. They also rely on their owners to provide food, water, walks, or playtime and shelter. When a person is using drugs and alcohol, they can often forget these kinds of responsibilities, leaving their pets hanging.”

This means some people would abuse their pets because of drugs and alcohol. Some owners starve their pets because they consume drugs or alcohol and because of that, their owners don’t do their responsibilities. For example, if dog owners didn’t take their dogs on walks in a long time then it can affect their bodies. Also they would be in a weaker state if they get starved to death and not only that but they would be dehydrated as well. The dog would be all skinny and soon die for not taking care of the dog properly, because all of our pets rely on us to feed them, since they can’t serve themselves.

According to “26 Shocking Animal Abuse Statistics & Facts (Updated in 2023) | Hepper” states, “Every year, around 10,000 animals die from abuse in the United States.” This means that in the U.S there have been a lot of animals that have experienced animal abuse by their owners or strangers. Also there are animals that are homeless and people just ignore them by walking away. They don’t help them out, but there are still some people who are doing something to help them.

We can stop animal abuse by being a responsible pet owner who is fulfilling the needs of their pet, showing kindness to your pet, teaching children to have respect for animals, and demanding stricter laws for the protection of animals. If you witness animal abuse, all you have to do is stop them yourself or call the police or an animal abuse service.  You can start and make a change in the world by helping animals because who knows, maybe in the future they will no longer exist for not helping them in their time of need. Call if you suspect or see owners or strangers abusing their pets: Animal Care Services at (714) 935-6848) or (800) 540-SPCA(7722).

Some might say that their owner will never hit their pets or will never do something horrible to their pets. Well it’s true that while some owners will not hit their pet, but they could still do something to hurt them or not to break their trust in the animal. People are not always kind hearted to animals. So people in the community should help feed and take care of animals. 

There are different types of animal abuse that are easily spotted. People should learn and understand the different types of animal abuse so they don’t have to find their pets sad and harmed. These are some of the different types of animal abuse:

  • Neglect
  • Hoarding
  • Shooting
  • Fighting
  • Beating
  • Mutilation
  • Throwing
  • Stabbing

By being a responsible pet owner who is fulfilling the needs of their pet, showing kindness to your pet, teaching kids to have respect for animals, and demanding stricter laws to protect animals, you will help those affected by animal abuse because animals don’t have to be torture or hurt. Animal shelters, services and vets can help us understand how animal abuse is a big problem and how they see it almost all the time.

That’s why we want to try and stop animal abuse and also teach about the ways that animals do experience can experience abuse.