The freshmen year of high school experience

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Many eighth graders are worrying about their first year at high school.  So we have decided to interview four freshmen about their first year of high school. The students we interviewed were Lindsey Garcia, William Roque, Arely Tapia, and Bryan Castro.

The first person was Bryan Castro and we asked him how his first year went:

“My first year for me, at least it went well. I went to the tryouts for the basketball team and I managed to end up a starter for varsity. Although it went well, some struggles were probably the classes because they were kind of hard and especially the work. What I did like was probably the teachers because they are cool and some are fun. Something that was different was the schedule. For middle school they come out really early and for high school you come later. You start late and come out late.”

Next was William Roque. He said:

“It went fast and it went slow at first, but the year went quickly. On the first day of high school I felt nervous and excited because everything was new. In middle school it was way more fun and it felt like it had life and energy. High school is the same but with less fun and more work. My struggles in high school were that the work did take a significant time, and it actually was much more work.”

The third person we interviewed was Arely on her experience and this was what she said:

“My first year of high school was overall pretty good. On the first day I was excited but also nervous because not many people from my middle school came here. Some struggles I remember were during my first semester and I would have poor time management and procrastination. I would often leave things last minute which I don’t recommend. I would study at the last minute and do assignments the night before and the work would pile up. I adapted to high school from learning from my mistakes over time and I had to find what worked best for me like having reminders, never leaving things last minute and studying prior days. I think the biggest thing is probably being more self accountable with yourself than you were in middle school.”

Lastly was Lindsey Garcia. She said:

“Animo Ralph Bunche was difficult at times but as long as you don’t procrastinate and be on task, you’ll be good. Overall we hope that you know what to expect for High school and be prepared for what comes next!”