What do people like to do during their free time?


Matthew Ortega

Mikey Morales and Jorge Rios relaxing while they work in investigations class.

Have you ever wondered what people like to do during their free time? Well, I interviewed some eighth graders and found out what they’re usually up to when they aren’t at school.

Kimberly Flores is a hard worker at AJMS and also an editor of the Bulldog Bugle, which can be stressful, so having free time is a must. She said, “During my free time I like to relax and prepare for the next day and mostly just chill.” Kimberly mainly relaxes by being on her phone, communicating with friends.

Kimberly Alvarado is a non-stop worker who gets all her work done in class and takes homework personally, making sure it gets done.  She said, “I like to enjoy my day when I get home because I was at school all day, so I like to just relax from the long day I had at school because it can get very tiring being there mostly all day, so when I’m home I like to mostly chill.” Her favorite thing to do to relax is to spend time with her dog.

Eddie Teodores spends much of his free time playing sports with family.  Their favorite sport to play together is volleyball.  He also said, “I like to hang out with my friends because having them around me is always a good time, or if not playing sports with family or friends, that’s my way of chilling.”

Mikey Morales likes to relax by riding his bike.  He said he likes “Biking with my friends because biking is my way of relaxing and enjoying my day because it can be very long for me, even being boring, so I just like to bike in order for me to enjoy my day and get my mind off things.”

Jose Contreras is also a biker, which makes him feel good about himself.  He responded to my question by saying during his own free time, “I like to bike ride with my pals because biking helps me get out from what’s going on, and it clears my head and makes me feel better, but if I had to say personally kicking it on the couch is the best way to chill.”

As you can see everyone has one thing in common and that is their liking to relax and chill after their long day.

We all need free time in our lives to enjoy ourselves but in this story. AJMS love to chill but also have their own way of doing it. Lots of middle schoolers love to have fun with one another, mostly friends just hanging out and enjoying their free time while they can. For students, their free time is limited because the spend the whole day at school or are too busy doing something else so free time is a big part of life. It’s really the only time we have to ourselves and the only time students are able to relax.