What is witchcraft?

What is witchcraft? Witchcraft is when somebody allegedly practices supernatural powers on somebody, something, and events. Witchcraft has been seen in a lot of places all over the world especially in the west and involves magic and sorcery. These supernatural effects most of the time involve Satan (A.K.A The Devil). 


When did it all start? According to Britannica, Witchcraft started in Massachusetts during 1642 and 1642 and was originally seen as The Salem Witch Trials. More than 200 people were accused at the time of practicing The Devil’s Magic and 20 people ended up actually being executed. The colony these people were in later on admitted that the deaths of those 20 people were a mistake and each family that lost their family members were compensated. These supernatural powers were seen as a horror and tragedy to people and it was even sometimes used by people to harm their own community, and other innocent lives. For example, when they did these excruciating things to these people, the actions they did were possessing them, and killing them.  A practitioner was a term for women that may have practiced witchcraft in medieval times. They usually communed to early modern Europe where the term originated. Suspected or accused women and rarely men that were visualized as witches banished, attacked, intimidated, and even murdered. 


What is sorcery? A sorcery or sorcerer is a magician or what people name them, a “witch” that tries to inspire others or the world with what they’re doing by occult means. According to DifferenceBetween.com, in western society or communities sorcery was just as common as witchcraft was, despite the fact that they are VERY similar to each other. While witchcraft was in more of the western parts of the world, sorcery was more in other cultures and countries like India and Africa. Sorcery and witchcraft were practiced and had more in common with Indian and African cultures than it did with people from the U.S.