“Chasing Brooklyn” is a story of longing, redemption, and ghosts

The girl is looking at the window. which has a handprint of someone on it.

The girl is looking at the window. which has a handprint of someone on it.

Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder is about a girl named Brooklyn who had lost her boyfriend Lucca recently in a car accident. There was one person in the car that had survived besides Lucca. The person who was driving the vehicle was Luca’s best friend, Gabe, who later, after the car accident, had supposedly passed away due to an “overdose.” Later on, Lucca’s brother Nico has been getting haunted by Luca and has been telling him to go help Brooklyn. Nico then reaches out to Brooklyn, and he sees that she’s fine, so just decides to leave. But even after, Lucca keeps on bothering Nico to go and check up on Brooklyn.

Nico has had enough so decides to go check up on her again, and when he does, she starts to cry in his arms when she sees him. That’s when Nico realizes that Brooklyn really isn’t ok. After realizing all that, Nico decided to invite Brooklyn over to his house. The day arrived and Brooklyn had arrived to Nico’s house, and once she arrived, all the memories of Lucca and her all came back to her. She thought she wasn’t going to take a footstep in there due to all the memories she’s had there, but she then told herself that it was just a house. Once Nico comes to the door to receive Brooklyn and let her in, Nico decides to take Brooklyn to Luca’s room. Once they arrive, Brooklyn sees that they left Lucca’s room just how he had last had it. It was messy and seeing all this made Brooklyn sad so she started to cry and they sat down on his bed. Minutes after, Brooklyn has to go but she wanted to take something of Lucca’s and Nico let her, so she took his iPod. 

After all those days of hanging out together, Nico goes out alone this time and sees something that he decides to sign himself up for. It’s something like a marathon but it for sure includes running. He then later goes to hang out with Brooklyn and asks her if she wants to join him too in the activity. Her response was very surprising to him, since he thought she was going to say no, but in the end she did decide to join him so she could take her mind off of everything. They both then start to practice for the finale of this tournament, but while practicing you could say they got really close to each other and by the end everything finally seems to be better because this thing really took her mind off of everything and all went well by the end of the book. 


My overall impression of this book was very positive. This book had really called my attention better than any other book has, and in my very own opinion I thought that this book had a very interesting plot and was very entertaining, enjoyable and fun to read. The author did a great job on writing this book and I hope to read more of her books soon. I really do recommend this book to other people.