A heart warming story that’s old but gold


I recommend Charlotte’s Web because many people who read this story say that it is a heartwarming one. Its a story about a girl named Fern taking care of a pig named Wilbur. She sold the pig to her uncle and about a few months later they find out they are going to cook Wilbur on Christmas. Wilbur starts to panic and then he met Charlotte, Charlotte helps Wilbur so they wont kill him she does this by writing words on her web. At the end all her works pay off Wilbur is saved but then Charlotte dies, but she lays a egg sack and Wilbur takes care of it until it hatches and that’s the end of the story. 

In my opinion I agree with most people stating that’s this book is a great book sad and heartwarming. I say this because this story is sad. Its sad enough to make some people cry. This book has some good reviews. Its heartwarming and it has people reading it today even though the book was made in 1952. That’s a long time ago!

When I read it I liked the book. It was not bad, it was sad. I fell in love with the book and so did a lot of other people. It has really about good ratings. It has a 6.3/10 so not that good of a reason but I promise you its a really good book.

I would rate it a 9/10 but people don’t really rate it so that’s why it does not really have a good rating. These are some reasons why I recommend reading the book Charlotte’s Web.